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        A treatment that will help shed old skin cells. regenerate skin cells stimulate blood circulation Restores clarity and reduces dark circles Restore moisture to the skin. Our Body Scrub Treatment is available in 6 scents:

  1. Snail spa salt scrub snail slime extract Combined with concentrated natural milk Rich in Vitamin E that are beneficial to the skin Helps to whiten skin, fades and clears, eliminates old skin cells, reveals new, bright skin with nourishing the skin in the body.
  2. Coffee Spa Salt Scrub Coffee Bean Extract rich in minerals important and useful Helps to lift and tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, dry skin, moisturize. and combined with concentrated natural milk Helps skin look smooth and soft with glutathione Helps the skin gradually become clearer.
  3. Coconut Milk Spa Salt Scrub removes old skin cells, revealing new skin to look radiant. coconut ingredients It has excellent properties to detox the skin. Combined with concentrated natural milk, which is a Moisturizer rich in vitamin E. Increases moisture retention properties and prevents skin from drying out. and with glutathione causing the skin to gradually become whiter and clearer have smooth skin
  4. Rice milk mixed with glutathione Spa Salt Scrub has properties to stimulate the process of exfoliating dead skin cells from the outer layer to come off. There is also a mixture of glutathione and rice milk to help moisturize the skin, soften, shine, make you feel refreshed. can relieve stress
  5. Aloe Vera mixed with honey Spa Salt Scrub stimulates the process of exfoliating dead skin cells from the outer layer. Rich in natural extracts Contains a mixture of extracts from milk and honey formula. Nourish the skin to be white, bright, soft, reduce dark spots. reduce the appearance of stretch marks Adjust the skin to be smooth and even
  6. Avocado honey spa salt scrub avocado extract Helps gently remove old skin cells that have deteriorated, giving you a soft, radiant touch. glow of the body And with the aroma of the aromatherapy spa, you will feel relaxed with the mesmerizing fragrance, discovering the balance of the body and the softness of the skin.